Hannah Berson (2005)

Member from:


Position(s) in the Group:




Top 5 Songs:

5. Lose My Breath, Destiny's Child (I know it's old, but Beyonce never loses her lustre.)

4. Spit on a Stranger, Pavement

3. Like a Feather, Nikka Costa (surely someone else remembers this short-lived hit besides me)

2. Young Lawyer, French Kicks (God bless my roommate showing me the light with these guys)

1. Pressed in a Book, the Shins

Top 5 Movies:

5. “Annie Hall”

4. “Do the Right Thing”

3. “The Royal Tennenbaums”

2. “High Fidelity”

1. “Bridget Jones’ Diary”

Top 5 Things I Would Rather Do than Write My B.A.:

5. Move back into housing

4. Be a full-time preschool teacher

3. Sit through my 3-hour senior colloquium every day

2. Start eating meat again. (OK, maybe just poultry)

1. Swim with ravenous crocodiles

Top 5 Things that I Would Love to Do with after Graduation:

5. Be on American Idol with Ivan. We would make an awesome dynamic duo. Damn.

4. Work for an arts non-profit and make a livable salary.

3. Write anonymous “dear sir, you cur” letters to the few evil-spirited professors I’ve encountered.

2. Marry Peter Sarsgaard. Or Jude Law. Or Gael Garcia Bernal.

1. Run away to Spain.