Matt Kotheimer (2005)

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Economics, Music


Oak Lawn, IL


Name: Matt Kotheimer

Nickname: Koty

Musical experience: Drums (7+ years) and Vocals (since grammar school)

Favorite band: the Beatles

Bands: The Tracks (originals) and Dizzy Stick (covers)

Interest in music: From older brothers, all who play instruments and sing.

Job: Student and Teller

Home: Oak Lawn, IL

High School: Brother Rice

Relatives: Mom, Uncle, Grandmother, 3 older brothers and their families

Favorite Sport and Team: Baseball - Chicago Cubs

Favorite Quote

Peter: You may have killed her when you shoved all those dollar bills down her throat, you may have killed her when you hit her with the stool... I don't know, I'm not a doctor. But I'll tell you what didn't kill her.... smoking!

Family Guy: Mr. Griffin Goes to Washington