Amanda Grossman (2002)

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Economics / International Studies


Amanda is currently wanted for rounding up this gang of misfit musicians. She realized that there was a complete lack of anything remotely funKy in the windy (no - she argues not for politics) city, and has thus created the vivacious group whose criminality will be sure to leave voices in your head. In the underground realm of a cappella she is referred to as "The Squeaks," a result of the obscenely high pitched sounds (some deem them inhuman) she is able to produce. Caution: piercing can be lethal. Slipping out of French and German dialects, and singing in Russian choirs has helped her to evade the authorities to date. Last seen dancing on a horse. She may be small but the gal's got no fear or restraint. "Prepare yourselves," she says, "for Voices In Your Head!"