Sean Slayback (2002)

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English Language and Literature


Sean Slayback has been known for extreme and flagrant funKiness long before coming to the frigid shores of Lake Michigan. As a fourth-year undergrad, he may not know much, but he knows how to "break, break...break it down" with high levels of "jigginess." Can spit all over sopranos while performing and chalk it up to dutifully performing his part. Also known to "ryde ruff" over all levels of low tones and general bass FX. When last reached for comment, he had this to say: "Hey, can I get a stog?" Slayback is still wanted on three counts of being "too cool for the room," as a federal judge ruled last Tuesday. He concludes with these prophetic words from Redman: "I scored a 1.1 on my SAT/But still push a whip with the right and left AC."