Alex MacKenzie (2006)

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Washington, DC


Born and raised in North(white)west Washington, DC by a couple of crazy visual artists, Alex was forced into the only artform left, music, for fear of being unoriginal. CHOIRS GALORE! Once he internalized the scars of wearing a ruffle and singing about jesus every day for eight years, it didn't take much for him to be considered one of the 'weird-dirty-artsy' kids at his powerprivateschool, so it is now frustratingly difficult for him as a first- year at U of C to maintain the outcast-sheik motif. He idolizes Mangum, Oldham, Smith, and his own past. He sings baritone mostly, plays guitar, and is in M.A.B., "Many Must Have It", and "the ridiculous marching band" as well. He likes reflection, shadow, the unknown and thinks the world might be a better place if everyone tried psychedelic drugs just once with their mother. He loves Voices TOO much.