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Liza is a girl who sings... a lot. As a new member of VIYH, Liza plans on singing... a lot. This phenomenon of singing (a lot) began way back in 1989 when at the age of 7 years old she made her singing debut in the Sunday school musical masterpiece, "Oh Jonah", starring as... Jonah. Although it has been difficult to top this amazing accomplishment, Liza has tried countless times by singing in just about every type of singing group imaginable. Liza's current project is mastering the art of breaking glasses/ windows/ mirrors by wailing out Helga-like high notes. As a first year student in the windy city, Liza is experiencing a culture shock brought on by the fact that she now lives in a city that is 1,000,000,000 times better than her hometown, a pathetic small town in Pennsylvania best known for its outstanding car shows. The "excessive funkiness" of the members of VIYH may not be helping her to recover from this shock very much, but Liza says that's okay because "they're just so damn cool". Liza enjoys befuddling her dorm neighbors by blasting music of all different genres from her stereo.