Phillip Sugimoto (2008)

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Omaha, NE


Born in Chicago, Illinois, Phillip moved to Omaha, Nebraska when he was only three months old. Contrary to popular belief, he did more than tip cows and farm from dawn to dusk. His musical “talents” began with piano (so typical of an Asian, no?), then he decided to try and imitate the sounds of Kenny G by playing the saxophone, and finally he got the courage to exit the “ever-so-trusty” shower and sing for his high school choir.

Arriving at Chicago, Phillip, and most likely the rest of the first-years, had one question in mind: "What am I going to do for fun?” Drawn to the sounds of a stereo playing during the ORCSA clubs preview, he wandered over to a table with a colored sign that read, “Voices In Your Head.” He signed up for an audition and the next thing he knew, he got a call from the group asking if he wanted a spot. Phillip is now the “lifeblood” of the group. If you’re not sure what that is, don’t worry, the group really doesn’t know either

Upon being asked what kind of fruit he would be, he replied "banana, duh!  Yellow on the outside, white on the inside."