Audition FAQ:

Q: What are these auditions for/why would I want to audition?
A: You are auditioning for a cutting-edge collegiate a cappella group and you want to audition because it's hella fun both on stage and off.

Q: I am not a first year student. Can I audition?
A: Definitely! We will consider anyone who will be here during the upcoming academic year. Although we will give some preference to younger students, a talented 4th year would certainly still be in the running.

Q: What about graduate/professional students?
A: Graduate/professional students are welcome and encouraged to audition! Many members of our group have been in graduate programs ranging from MD/PhD to business school and everything in between. Having both makes for a great group dynamic - we all benefit from each other's unique backgrounds and perspectives.

Q: I sang a cappella in (junior) high school, am a master arranger, and have produced 7 albums already. Should I bring any of this to the audition?
A: Absolutely! We would love to look over your arrangements, listen to your recordings, or see anything else you might have to show us (at least marginally related to a cappella...). We do all of our arrangements within the group, so if you have arranging experience, be sure to let us know. Anything like this can't possibly hurt your chances, and will almost certainly help you.

Q: I've never sung a cappella before and I can't read music, but I love to sing in the car by myself or in the shower. Do I have a chance?
A: Absolutely! We have a wide range of vocal/musical experience in the group, from some who have an multi-page musical resume to others who have virtually no formal singing experience whatsoever. If you like to sing, and think Voices In Your Head would be fun, we want to hear you!

Q: How does the audition work?
A: The audition process is divided into two rounds. During the first round, you will come into a room where we will warm you up with a few scales in order to get a sense of your range. Then we will have you sing your prepared solo for us, after which we will tell you more about the group and answer any questions you might have! The first round may also include sightsinging and tonal memory, although this varies on a case by case basis. Information about the subsequent round will be sent out to those who are called back.

Q: Prepared solo, eh? What I am supposed to do for that?
A: Pick any song you think you sound good on that will show off your voice well without straining you too much. It doesn't matter whether the song is an up-tempo tune or a ballad. However, since we generally sing relatively modern songs, it's probably better to choose something along those lines (i.e. pop, rock, jazz). Additionally, since we need everyone in the group to be capable of singing with precisely controlled, neutral straight tone, we'd suggest you avoid solos which require massive, unrelenting vibrato and/or a heavily modulated timbre (i.e. classical, certain ways of delivering showtunes). If you aren't sure, it might help you to look over our repertoire on this website to get a sense of what we sing and see if you can find something along those lines.

Q: Is the audition formal? What should I wear? Are you guys mean?
A: The audition is designed to be very laid back where we can get to know you and your voice, and you can get to know us. You can wear whatever you feel comfortable in, but keep in mind that the campus police frown upon "indecent exposure." We are all very friendly, and we promise we won't eat you!

Q: Can I audition for more than one group?
A: Absolutely, we encourage it! There are eight different a cappella groups on campus, all of which have different goals, styles, time commitments, etc., and you need to find the right group for you just as much as we need to find the right members for us. All of the groups work together to ensure that you can audition for every group you are interested in.

Q: How much of a time commitment is Voices In Your Head?
A: Voices In Your Head maintains a regular rehearsal schedule of approximately 6 hours per week and performs about once a week on average during the academic year. Performing less frequently and holding extra rehearsals is common leading up to larger performances and competitions. Also, be prepared to dedicate a few weekends a year to travel with us to competitions, gigs or retreats!

Q: When are rehearsals? I have a lot of other stuff going on...
A: At the beginning of each quarter, we meet to figure out a mutually agreeable schedule of rehearsals based upon everyone's individual schedules. Your academics should come first, no question. However, we do ask that our members place us 2nd on their priority list.

Q: What style does Voices In Your Head sing in?
A: While most of our repertoire consists of mainstream covers done in a modern style, our music spans a wide range of genres. We try to push the boundaries of what contemporary a cappella music is and should be. Some of our arrangements push towards very hard rock while others are nearly choral, and we're always open to new ideas.

Q: What are the goals of Voices In Your Head?
A: Voices In Your Head strives to be not only an excellent a cappella group at University of Chicago, but also well-known and respected in the regional and national a cappella community. In every performance, we do our best to create a full-blown entertainment experience for our audiences; allowing them to experience each song in a new and meaningful way through innovative arranging, visual presentation, and a high level of musicality. We perform frequently around campus, Chicago, throughout the Midwest and throughout the country. The specific goals we have for this coming year include competing in the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella and traveling the country performing with different collegiate groups.

Q: What voice parts are you looking for?
A: Any and all. Whether you are a bass that can out-rumble a thunderstorm, a soprano notorious for agitating neighborhood dogs, or anywhere in between, if you can sing, we want you!