Ashley Mehler-Clark (2006)

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In September of 2002, Ashley left northern California, warm weather and her years as a choir girl to join Voices in Your Head and study anthropology in the snow.  Growing up playing piano, singing in choirs and attempting to play the french horn in junior high, she decided it was time to break free from classical music and join an a cappella group.  When not singing or studying, Ashley likes to run, paint, cook, eat desserts, go to museums, and lounge around coffee shops or her boyfriend's apartment.  Some of her favorite musical artists are Joao Gilberto, the Blackheart Procession, Billy Holiday, David Bowie, Chopin, Gypsy Kings, Blood Brothers, the Faint, Tom Waits, Stan Getz, and Al Green.  After college, she plans to travel as much as possible and maybe become an archaeologist.