David DeVries  

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Orland Park, IL


Throughout his entire life, David DeVries has always had one true passion in his life: Singing.

David has been singing in vocal ensembles nonstop since the age of 5. His love of a cappella music began during his sophomore year at Chicago Christian High School when his dad introduced him to The Bobs. During his senior year he entered CCHS's Fine Arts Week talent show with a few different ensembles and received 2nd place for his quartet arrangement of the Beatles song "She Loves You" (his first ever arrangement) and 1st place for his trio's performance of "Share a Load" by The Bobs. He received CCHS's Choir Award at graduation.

After graduating in 2008, he immediately started arranging more songs and formed an all-male Beatles a cappella cover quartet, which eventually evolved into the 3-male/1-female group Never Odd Or Even. They sang at gigs ranging from baseball games to weddings to a float in a 4th of July parade. David and one of his fellow NOOE members attended ACappellaFest in 2009, where he first became interested in beatboxing and first saw Voices In Your Head perform.

In 2010 David moved to Elgin and attended Elgin Community College, where he studied Music Production. There he met singers and, inspired by Voices In Your Head, founded the unofficial campus a cappella group called ECCentric, for which he was president, musical director, song arranger, bass, and vocal percussionist. One of his other groups at ECC was an all-male trio called Tri-Winning, who competed in the 2011 ECC's Got Talent competition, and fittingly won 3rd place.

Since joining Voices, David has competed in the Chicago Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Festival 2 years in a row; his first year in a quintet called BeatVox where he won the award for Best Original Arrangement, and his second year with a trio called The Triad, who took 2nd place in addition to netting David his 2nd consecutive arranging award at Sweeps.

David continues to further his career in a cappella music, constantly working on new arrangements, recordings, videos, and all other types of media he can think of. He'll also give a dollar to the first person to mention to him that they bothered to read all this.