We perform for corporate events:

"We recently hired 'Voices in Your Head' to perform at our corporate awards banquet and ceremony. We could not have made a better choice! The group’s talent, energy and pure showmanship made them by far the best entertainment choice we could have ever asked for! In front of an audience made up of 18 different countries they wowed our clients! Much thanks to the [group] for helping us achieve exactly what we were going for! We will absolutely hire them again!""
- Lisa A. Donnarumma, Chief Creative Officer, Planetree

"Best holiday party ever! Yelp Chicago threw the festive bash at The Adler Planetarium complete with silent disco and The University of Chicago's phenomenal acapella group Voices in Your Head!"
- Moments on Magnets, Photographer

We sing in wedding proposals:

"It was great working with Mason and Voices in Your Head. We hired Voices in Your Head to conduct an A Cappella song for a client's marriage proposal so we knew we had to get a team that was professional and talented. Voices In Your Head was exactly that. Our client's marriage proposal was a surprise to his girlfriend so it had to be perfect and they performed exactly as we expected. The girl said yes and the entire event went off without a hitch. I will definitely use them again!"
- Marvin, The Heart Bandits

"Just a note from my client: 'I just wanted to thank all of those that made our experience....'magical', as Mari put it!! Thanks again!!"
- The Heart Bandits, Marriage Proposal and Romantic Event Planners

(credit: Coach House Photography)

We record:

"The soloists leave it all on the floor: vulnerable and wildly dramatic interpretations combine with technical fireworks and soaring high notes. And unlike so many other recent releases, the back-ups bring dynamic phrasing and unusual textures to lift each song miles above the ordinary. Production is lovingly crafted, and liner notes, from credits to photos, are exemplary. The original songwriting stands as strong as any cover on the album. Highly recommended, The Singles: In My Mind is a bar-setting, award-winning, and deeply varied collection that any aca-fan will enjoy."
- Jonathan Minkoff on The Singles: In My Mind, Honorable Mention for Recorded A Cappella Review Board's Best Album of 2015

We compete:

"This was the co-ed group from Chicago’s second Finals appearance, after a groundbreaking set in 2012 that I, personally, felt should have won them a Championship. Thus, despite time and inevitable and turnover, my expectations for this set were quite high. The group sported its traditional look with the men in black suits, white shirts and different-colored ties, the women in in black dresses and different-colored tights. At the risk of talking too much about clothing, I think this is a fantastic look for how much it says about the group’s personality—that they are a serious, professional unit, but that they also bring to the stage a brand of innovative, electric, eye-catching performance. The group opened with “Show Me How To Burlesque,” originally by Christina Aguilera. First things first, the solo for this song was darn near untouchable—emotionally rich, powerful, and vulnerable in all the right ways at all the right times. Very good percussion to boot. On top of all of that, there was the visual construction of this performance. There’s all manner of debate about the appropriate level of choreography, and more particularly dance in a cappella. Voices In Your Head went for the jugular with this performance, sending individual group members out of the pack to center stage to do nothing but complex, impressive dance moves for short stints on stage. In so doing, I felt the group made the choice to totally separate music from visuals for those instants, privileging people who really could dance while the rest of the singers focused on, well, singing. I felt both components worked well and the key to this performance choice proving successful was that the visuals matched the sound, creating huge moments of intensity in both realms at the same time. I did feel as though the group walked a razor’s edge—that any more full-on dance material in this set could have been a step too far, but that they landed on the right side of that balance for a performance that felt fresh and distinctly different from literally any other live a cappella I’ve ever seen. Kudos for this opener."
- Mike Chin, Content Manager and Co-Founder of The A Cappella Blog on Voices' ICCA Finals 2015 Set